China’s cross-border e-commerce market has infinite potential
And its growth dividends are waiting to be tapped

The rapid development of mini programs is a driving factor
to enhance the digital transformation of merchants

The unique advantages of mini program e-commerce help
international merchants sell goods faster

Enhance the configuration of the mini program e-commerce infrastructure for
the two major e-commerce business scenarios of international merchants

One-stop solution for the mini program business needs
of international merchants

Service Provider Support Plan

  • High Rebates
  • Product Support
  • Online Training
  • Material Support
  • Technique Support
  • Customer Service
  • Technique Guarantee
  • Area Protection
  • Technique Guarantee

    A strong R&D team ensures the safety, stability and reliability of the system.

  • Area Protection

    The headquarters does not directly participate in sales for customers with agent areas. Weimob headquarters allocates customer resources obtained from promotions to local service providers based on rules. At the same time, the headquarters does not allow service providers to sell across regions to ensure market standardization and maximize the profits for service providers.

  • High Rebates

    The headquarters provides high rebates to assist service providers to better develop their companies and reserve talents to expand the local market.

  • Product Support

    The headquarters provides service providers with the most complete industry-wide marketing solutions. The products are iteratively developed at a fast pace according to market demand. Through rapid iterations, the products win the widespread favor of users and help service providers firmly grasp customer resources.

  • Online Training

    Based on the needs of service providers, the headquarters will regularly hold online training on products, sales, after-sales, and management. Meanwhile, the channel managers will regularly provide point-to-point support to quickly improve the effectiveness of the service provider teams and help the service providers to establish and improve corporate culture and build core competitiveness.

  • Material Support

    The headquarters will regularly or irregularly provide material support based on the service providers’ situation, which is conducive to the service providers’ local business.

  • Technique Support

    Weimob provides 7×12 hours of online technical services to ensure efficient and rapid resolution of issues, so that service providers and customers are free of worries.

  • Customer Service

    Weimob assists service providers to build after-sales teams for all scenarios, to solve major emergency problems, provide support for activities, and provide customer operation support.

Pre-sales Hotline


Products and Services
  • Smart Catering
  • Yazuo Membership
  • Yazuo Cashier
  • Cost Manager
  • Ke Lai Dian
  • Smart Beauty
  • Smart Hotel
  • Smart Traveling
Informant Center
  • Shanghai Illegal and Harmful Internet Information Informant Center Online

    Harmful Information Reporting Zone

Dear everyone, the Shanghai Police's anti-fraud call '962110' is specifically designed to prevent your property from being defrauded and damaged. Please answer the call immediately once you receive it.

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